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  • #1, by dylan-bielenFriday, 23. July, 17:21 2 months ago
    Hello everyone!
    This is more of a brainstorm topic than an a cry for help, but I wanted to reach out and see what organization systems other people used for voice over recording.

    I've gotten to the point with the first chapter of my game where I'd like to begin adding some voices.  I have a few actor friends who are long distance and would like to help with the process.  I plan on shipping them the audio equipement and walking them through the software and hardware setup.

    My question is, what organization system has worked for you in the past in regards to recording and storing audio files?  Currently I plan on using Audacity, and with each recorded line, have the actor create a new track.  At the end of the session, I'll have the actor send me the audacity project and I'll work off that to populate the audio files in the game.

    My only concern would be the eventual file size.  My main character has ~500 lines in the first chapter (damn "Look at" dialogs), and I can't imagine that project size will be easy to share.

    Any information you may have on techniques, systems, or other software is appreciated.  Thank you!


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