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  • #1, by robertthurmanSaturday, 22. July 2017, 18:47 7 years ago
    Hi I am new to Visionaire Studio, it looks pretty cool, haven't purchased yet but will , but I was wondering what sort of/if any manual does it come with?, and what sort of character and layout editor it has, and can anyone recommend any graphics software that could or should be used in league with Visionaire Studio?, I can think of photoshop of the top of my head, but I was wondering if there are other options around that make creating characters(and spritesheets) easier.

    I would love to make a non-linear adventure point and click game.

    Really appreciate any help,
    Rob ??


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  • #2, by afrlmeSaturday, 22. July 2017, 19:13 7 years ago

    You can use whatever image editing software you like, as long as it can export still image frames of any animations you create, which you can then import into Visionaire.

    Image formats should either be png or webp.

    I believe an updated manual was being worked on, but in German. Not sure if that's done or ready for translation into other languages. There is however plenty of tutorials floating about on youtube & the wiki & there are plenty of tips & advice on here. There are also a bunch of demo game templates you can download from the downloads sections.

    Anyway, in regards to your question about graphics, like I was saying you can use any graphic editing application, but we also have limited support for 3D character models (requires a bit of faffing around to get them to work apparently) & we also have support for Spine sprite part models. Spine is a little pricey, but another application called DragonBones, which is free can apparently export Spine models.

    As for image editing applications, check out:

    2d image editing applications

    1. adobe photoshop/illustrator
    2. gimp - it's free
    3. affinity photo/designer - similar to photoshop/illustrator but much cheaper
    4. asesprite - pixelart graphics editor
    5. pyxel - pixelart graphics editor

    3d graphics applications

    1. blender - it's free
    2. cinema 4d
    3. autodesk maya
    4. autodesk 3ds max
    5. sketchup - bit basic

    sprite part & general animation applications

    1. spine
    2. spriter
    3. dragonbones
    4. anime studio (now called moho)
    5. adobe flash
    6. toon boom harmony

    I think that's enough posting for now. Anyway, welcome to the forum.

    P.S: what's with he double ?? after your name at the bottom of the post?


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  • #3, by robertthurmanSunday, 23. July 2017, 03:03 7 years ago
    Hi Sorry no idea how I even got one question mark, all I can say it night be is that I was typing on my samsung android like I am now and I was in a real rush when I wrote it, sorry if it offended I can see how it would , I will try and edit it out. Thanks for the quick reply,  how hard is Visionaire to self learn compared to other game engines like game maker or adventure game studio?, I look forward to forming a good game making friendship with you and the other nembers here, I love close communitys like this that we all help each other out, I was wondering how large the forun is do you know by chance?, Ive seen spriter looks real good, Ill have to try it , Ill search for those tutorials on YouTube thanks for all the help,

    Kind regards


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  • #4, by afrlmeSunday, 23. July 2017, 03:30 7 years ago
    Nah man, it's all good. smile

    You can find all of the video tutorials linked right here. Just scroll down to the video section.

    What do you mean by "how large the forum is"? You mean how active is it? People post in it (almost) every day, though we get the odd quiet week every now & then.


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  • #5, by robertthurmanSunday, 23. July 2017, 04:39 7 years ago
    Hey thanks heaps, oh I meant how many members do you think their is?, So do you think Visionaire Studio is worth the go?  I have tried PacDk,adventure game studio and Sludge before really like Sludge but very basic interface I thought, wasnt really botheres with adventure game studio at the time, PacDK was great but I think it wouldnt be able to make commercial quality games like Visionaire Studio, whats your thoughts?



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  • #6, by sebastianSunday, 23. July 2017, 10:48 7 years ago
    im not sure about the overall member count. active members are  not that high compared to unity or gamemaker. Thats mostly because VS covers a nieche market aiming for p&c games i guess. 
    So mostly you would see the same names here in the forum answering questions from new members... which is kind of sad but that is how it is (wap bap). I would compare the activity a bit like the pacDk community ariubd Ben/Ziamond... 

    Regarding beginner friendlyness the engine is one of the most easiest to learn engines out there. For basic stuff you don't need any line of code. Its more like putting lego bricks together. 

    Commercial games are also possible. Most Daedalic adventures are made with VS and several indie developers are using it, too. 
    Daedalic is also in direct contact with the developers, so everything you see in their games is possible to do in your game, too, which is a nice point of view to see what the engine is capable of. 

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  • #7, by afrlmeSunday, 23. July 2017, 12:08 7 years ago
    The member count is technically in the thousands, but only a small handful of members actively post regularly. A lot of member are lurkers - they like to check in & read stuff on the forum, but rarely join in with a discussion unless they want to ask a question.

    In regards to using Visionaire, I guess it depends... do you want to create a classic point & click adventure game or are you wanting to create something else? If the answer is yes to the former, then yeah Visionaire is worth using as we support full hd resolutions & games can be made without scripting a single line of code (though we recommend learning some code if you want to go beyond the limitations enforced by the engine) as the engine was created with artists in mind rather than game coders. If the answer was the latter then I would recommend checking out Game Maker Studio or Construct 2 if you want to create 2D games or Unity/unreal Engine 4 if you want to make 3D games.


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