Visionaire Studio 5 - INDIE (Single User) Licenses

  • #1, by bryan-benettiTuesday, 08. September, 23:31 2 weeks ago

    I bought Visionaire Studio 5 - INDIE (Single User) a couple months ago. I am a little confused after reading the License agreement.

    "This license allows you to digitally distribute your game (unlimited titles) for Windows, Mac, and Linux."

    "With this license you can share your game as a physical product between friends, or as a technical demo via a cd, dvd, or usb device, for free. Commercial distribution of your game as a physical product in retail stores is forbidden, unless you acquire a professional license."

    So, if I understand correctly I can sell a game I make with this license on Steam or other digital platform?

    thank you for your help!


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 09. September, 00:28 2 weeks ago
    That's correct. You can digitally distribute any game you make for windows, mac, & linux platforms with that license, on stores such as Steam, GOG, Epic, Humble Bundle, etc. There's no limitations on the amount of games you can make or distribute digitally.

    You can also distribute HTML5 versions of your game, but only if you distribute them for free or with ad based (adsense) monetization. If you are contracted/hired by someone else to create an html5 game for them, or you sell the rights to your html5 game to someone else, then the indie licenses aren't valid for that.

    Anyway, hope this clears some things up for you.


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  • #3, by bryan-benettiWednesday, 09. September, 00:37 2 weeks ago
    Perfect ,thank you for the reply!


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