Visionaire Scripter Needed:

  • #1, by SCUD24Tuesday, 05. November 2013, 22:45 11 years ago
    I've been toying with Visionaire for over a year now, and have a solid understanding of the "basic" engine. I do however lean towards artwork, and am looking to pay someone to build a very basic (bare-bones) game setup with the following features:

    1.) SAVE/LOAD game system already in place.
    2.) Character will run (instead of walk) to long distance points (as seen in The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav)
    3.) Coin interface.
    4.) New dialogue system which allows portraits (see image below).

    If not clear enough, I want these features in place, and then I intend to develop the game. Anyone better suited to scripting who is interested, please send me a message with your estimated price. I am happy to make payments via paypal.


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