Visionaire crashing DX10

  • #1, by gabartsTuesday, 26. March 2019, 12:16 5 years ago
    Visionaire started crashing out of nowhere...

    DX10 error, while writing some dialogs...

    Hope it's something related to my laptop graphic card issue...

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  • #2, by sebastianTuesday, 26. March 2019, 17:46 5 years ago
    without any further information about the error, the devs cant help here...

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  • #3, by gabartsWednesday, 27. March 2019, 08:57 5 years ago
    I’m using a pc laptop (windows 7) which has a graphic card problem and overheating. It’s an hp hardware issue, unfortunately factory default issue. But I can switch the cpu usage on the graphic card when not using blender,photoshop etc etc

    Never experienced a crash on visionaire since yesterday when I was using in fact the power saving on graphic card, so here why maybe the DX10 error. I was copy/paste lines of dialogs from a text file into visionaire.

    Nothing special, the only thing I have is a new file called breakpoints, I can attach that maybe.

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