Visionaire 5 Question

  • #1, by ygmantellFriday, 07. July 2017, 22:28 7 years ago
    So I am currently using 4.2.5 (Free Version) for my game (Gonna purchase full version when I exceed 10 scenes).  

    Is version 5 ready to be used?  Like out of beta/stable?

    Also, will my project from 4.2.5 work as is in 5, or are there modifications that I would need to make?

    As you can imagine, I am hesitant to possibly corrupt my project.

    Overall, thank you Vis. team for an awesome engine! 

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  • #2, by MachtnixFriday, 07. July 2017, 22:40 7 years ago
    I think you can still buy the 4.2.5 as full version and complete your game. You can change to final 5 after without new licence. There are some differences in some things, but mostly your 4 game will run. 

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  • #3, by ygmantellFriday, 07. July 2017, 22:55 7 years ago
    I mean, is there any risk to switching to 5 now?  Or should I wait until it is more stable?

    I happen to like 5's interface much more, and the new features seem promising.  
    From what I've read, the only thing that's incompatable are particle effects, and my game has none so far.


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  • #4, by sebastianFriday, 07. July 2017, 23:10 7 years ago
    there are still some bugs which may be annoying as you may recognized from the recent forum posts. But right now nothig gamebreaking.  It really depends if you want to deal with some weird behaviours under specific conditions or wait for the final release. 

    I would suggest that you make a backup from your game folder and just test your project with VS5 if still everything works fine. Normally it should work right out of the box. 

    My project for example had some scripts i needed to edit to work again... But that was due to stuff i did  by a workaround before, it  was fixed by the devs in an update and so i had to rebuild my script to work as intended again... 

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