Visionaire 5.01 for Mac doesn't build .exe files

  • #1, by craighannabusFriday, 28. July 2017, 10:39 7 years ago
    I've put together a small test game which compiles and works fine on my Mac. When I try and compile for Windows, no .exe file is created. I've tried renaming the file that is generated to .exe, but it won't run on a Windows machine. Am I missing something? I have read a previous thread that talks about no .exe file being generated, however there doesn't seem to be any resolution. 


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  • #2, by SimonSMonday, 07. August 2017, 00:39 7 years ago
    A zip gets created with <export_name> The exe files are misplaced, that I can fix. But the rest should work if you move the exe and dlls to the top level.

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