VirtuaVerse's sound designer here!

  • #1, by maxim-grachevWednesday, 24. February, 16:22 A month ago
    Hello, fellow developers! My name's Max, I am a Sound Designer and Composer, I love Point'n'Click Adventure games and I'd love to work on another interesting one with you!

    I worked on a lot of projects in absolutely different spheres: video games, animation, commercials, logos and so on... You can find almost everything from 8-bit to Epic Orchestral in my portfolio (, any video game genre from casual Idle Clickers to First Person Shooters.

    And one of these projects was sound design for the recent retro-styled Adventure called "VirtuaVerse" (Steam page), I believe you are familiar with the game.

    Almost a 1000 (thousand!) sound files were made for it in total! And you know what? I still loved it and made these with great pleasure!
    All I wanna say is that it's very important to have a fan of your game's genre aboard. That's why I'm here.


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