version control with git or developing on multple systems

  • #1, by efciemThursday, 04. December 2014, 13:59 10 years ago
    Hello everyone,
    I just registered on the forum and am testing the free version.
    I plan to purchase v4 this week because this looks amazing.

    I was wondering how you all handle version control and working on multiple systems?

    I was thinking of just putting all project files on my Dropbox share so I can work on my game from both my desktop and my laptop periodically... but if there is a better way please share your thoughts.



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  • #2, by AlexThursday, 04. December 2014, 14:40 10 years ago

    I think it is better to put your project files on a share, a VCS doesn't help much since your files are usually not versioned. Regularly create backups of your ved file. If you have multiple people working on the ved file then get the team license and use team files ( ).

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  • #3, by efciemThursday, 04. December 2014, 15:56 10 years ago
    Great that is what I was thinking.. a share will do what I need. I'm a team of one but I used two systems to dev. on typically ( Desktop system where I do all my graphics/animation ) and a laptop that I use which I would do most of the in-app development work anyways.

    I appreciate the response! I'm looking forward to having the full version.


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