Verbcoin Verb Active Images Persist on Next Interaction

  • #1, by nate-ingraciaFriday, 17. May, 04:22 A month ago
    So I am using a Verbcoin system for my game where you click and hold to bring up the verbcoin, then mouse over a verb while still holding the left mouse button, releasing to activate the verbs. But now I've run into an issue. No matter how many times I try to fix it, the verbs remain in their active image states the next time I interact with an object. Please help.


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  • #2, by esmeraldaSunday, 19. May, 10:41 3 weeks ago
    Do you set the inactive image of the buttons when closing the the coin? They don't revert to inactive by themselves.

    Here is a tutorial how to set up a coin interface. Maybe that is helpful:

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  • #3, by waterartyThursday, 23. May, 04:26 3 weeks ago
    The most likely culprit is that the code responsible for resetting the verbcoin image to its inactive state isn't being called properly. Look for the part of your code that handles releasing the mouse button and make sure it includes a function or statement that resets the verb images to their default (inactive) appearance.


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