verbcoin problem

  • #1, by blanoFriday, 05. July 2019, 20:00 2 years ago
    i cant figure out why my object text doesn't disappear when the cursor leave the object area..
    any ideas?

    the second problem is that the verbcoin disappear when i try to move the cursor around the coin

    i'm new with verbcoins, i never used it

    vis 5


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  • #2, by percivalFriday, 05. July 2019, 22:53 2 years ago
    Hi! I'm still pretty noob but perhaps this helps 
    In the image are the comands i use for leaving the interface space (selected interface properties/Action on leaving)

    The second problem might be because the token does not have transparent space near the selected interface area or your interface area doesn't start at 0,0 px or higher
    I had one similar problem and it fixed by making the interface image as big as the interface area with transparent spaces and reloading the image without moving it.

    Be careful on dialogs, you might need a flag(or if lua) that stops using verb coin while in dialog

    Hope it helps! If not, maybe someone with better understanding can help


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  • #3, by blanoFriday, 05. July 2019, 23:50 2 years ago
    Thank you! I'll try when i"m home!


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