Verbcoin – does not execute command on saved object, when left-click [SOLVED]

  • #1, by retinaTuesday, 25. August 2020, 17:18 12 months ago
    Hey there,

    I have a big issue with implementing a verbcoin interface. Everything works except the final execution of the selected action/command with the object below the cursor.

    I looked at the tutorials from Sebastian and Andiliddell. I followed Sebastians instruction but of course some things in my game are different.

    I use Visionaire Studio 5 Education.
    I have a first person setup (so no character images except for NPCs, and no way system).

    What works so far: When I click-and-hold the left-mouse-button over an object, the verbcoin-interface pops-up. When I hover over one of the buttons, the buttons image changes to the active one and the right action-text is displayed together with the object name (so the object should be saved, to later execute the command on the saved object; at least I set that up in the mouse settings for 'mouse hold').
    Here comes the problem: As soon as I release the left-mouse-button everything is as before, the action/command is not executed. In Sebastians tutorial he says, that this would activate the left-click action defined in the scene-objects.
    I also increased the pause-time, to make sure the 'saved object' is not cleared before execution.

    I would be really happy for help. This problem prevents me from getting my game running.

    I will add some pictures later.


    Hey got an answer from AFRLme on Discord.
    1. Set the 'executed command on object'  in the object actions tab to (immediate) execution, instead of execution at destination. Because it's a first person setup.
    2. Also set the 'executed command on character' in the character actions tab to (immediate) execution, instead of execution at destination.
    3. Add a Pause before clearing the saved object 
    - in the 'action on leaving' of the interface properties &
    - in the 'left-mouse-button hold (release)' in the mouse properties.
    Thanks to AFRLme.


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  • #2, by MachtnixWednesday, 26. August 2020, 17:11 12 months ago
    Das mit der Pause verstehe ich nicht. Mit "saved" ist zu verstehen, dass ein aufgenommener Gegenstand ins Inventar überführt und danach aus der Szene gelöscht bzw. deaktiviert wird? Wie lang ist die Pause?

    I don't understand about the pause. With "saved" you mean that a recorded object is transferred to the inventory and then deleted or deactivated from the scene? How long is the pause?

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  • #3, by sebastianThursday, 27. August 2020, 02:12 11 months ago

    Der Save Object Actionsteil merkt sich nur ein Objekt. Später kann man dann daraufhin weitere Aktionen anwenden. Es ist nicht dazu gedacht ein Item ins inventar hinzuzufügen. 
    Das merken ist hier wichtig, weil das Verbcoin Menü klassischerweise beim Cursor erscheint und somit die Maus nicht mehr direkt über dem Objekt, sondern den Buttons des Menüs liegt. 

    there is a save action part which remembers the object to later execute things on that object. Its not adding an item to your inventory.
    That saving is neccessary as the verbcoin appears ontop of the selected object, which means that the cursor is not above the object anymore, but abovd the menu buttons. 

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  • #4, by afrlmeThursday, 27. August 2020, 03:24 11 months ago
    Regardless. We solved the issue yesterday on the VS discord server. They were immediately clearing the saved object on mouse left button hold (released), which meant the engine didn't have enough time to execute the current command on the saved object before it got cleared.


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  • #5, by MachtnixThursday, 27. August 2020, 15:42 11 months ago
    Aha, so a kind of clipboard (Zwischenablage)? Thx. Retina added above that the problem was solved, was very nice.

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