Venturing Forth - demo

  • #1, by smakovecSaturday, 04. January 2020, 16:28 4 years ago
    Venturing Forth is a fantasy point and click adventure game that I am working on. I am very much interested in what do you think about it.


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  • #2, by blanoSaturday, 04. January 2020, 18:18 4 years ago
    It seems very interesting! the isometric view remenber me very good time i had with Baldur's Gate, i'll give a try!


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  • #3, by timbSunday, 12. January 2020, 11:38 4 years ago

    I've played your demo and want to give you some feedback and impressions.

    I really like the isometric camera and I think the graphics look good in general. However I think that the light effects of the first scene really make a difference: The daylight scenes are not as good looking and feel a little plain in comparison to the night scene. Maybe you can add some sunbeams or something like that?

    The general idea of having to find 4 magicians in 4 different places sounds very interesting to me and I was a little bit sad that the demo already ended. I think with a little bit polish Venturing Forth can be a entertaining piece.

    But there are also some things that felt unfinished to me and you might want to improve that:

    - There are many typos and spelling errors in general. And I think the grammar could be improved aswell but since my english is not very good, I don't want to say anything that.
    - The movement sometimes feels a bit to restricted. Why do I have to walk to the basement door in a straight line before I am able to explore the destroyed environment in the inn? Another example is that I immediately need to go to Dreamy instead of speaking with someone else before. This feels a bit too much like "a game on rails".
    - It seems there are some inconsistencies: Sometimes the mouseover text is only the object name and sometimes it's a full description of the scene (such as the scene in the candle room. The mouseover times already tells me where the books are about even though I did not walk to the objects). But for others object I need to click on these to look at them and get a flavour text. This is kind of inconsistent.
    - More idle animations would be cool and would add a lot to the scenes.
    - There is no feedback if I try wrong combinations on certain objects (such as the sword on the closed door. Nothing is least let the character say: I don't want to destroy the inn or sth. like that)
    - During the short playtime of the demo there are already two puzzles based on speed (the candles and the water glass). I would change the water puzzle to sth. different. The mechanics are not that interesting to be honest.

    But besides this critique I would play a full version. Thank you for sharing your project!


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  • #4, by smakovecSunday, 12. January 2020, 17:44 4 years ago
    I appreciate your feedback.

    Scenes can definitely be improved with better lighting and with more animations. I am already working on this. I am constantly seeing things I can make better.

    I will try to improve the gameplay and puzzles, because you have pointed out to me very well how can I achieve this.

    ...and for the grammar, English is not my first language, although I understand it very well, I am not good at writing. And also I type to fast for my brain to follow what I am typing smile When I finish the game I will have to find some way to do a good spell and grammar check.

    Thank you for the great feedback. This will definitely help me in further development.  And I am glad you have enjoyed the demo.


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