Values compare to conditions ?

  • #1, by latoxineFriday, 05. September 2014, 17:19 10 years ago
    Could someone explain me how value and string ( I don't understand it at all ) work ?
    I've red in the wiki that it could be better/easyer than conditions, but I don't see how use them in real ( game ) situations.

    For example a condition is true or false, values represents numbers; If an object with 0 or 1 who could be compare to true or false in my mind, what whould be the purpose to be 2 ?

    Thank you.


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  • #2, by SimonSFriday, 05. September 2014, 18:02 10 years ago
    Values can be a string or a number. Number use: You want that someone needs to click 3 times before something is done, so you increase the number each time that is clicked. You could do that with conditions, but you would need at least 2.
    Strings can useful if you want to use text with information from values, then you can write <vs=value> and it will replace this with the string.

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