using .ttf fonts in visionaire studio

  • #1, by CamouflageTuesday, 07. July 2015, 23:02 9 years ago
    Hi, could someone summarize how to use .ttf fonts in visonaire studio?
    I tried it, but the "display letter areas" button is not working with .ttf fonts...
    Do i have to change them in photoshop? i thought visionaire 4.x is able to use .ttf formats?
    would be nice if someone could help me.


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 08. July 2015, 02:58 9 years ago
    Windows or Mac? There are currently various bugs regarding TTF / OTF fonts on both OS in the current public builds.

    On Windows if you enable borders / shadows then the spacing between words seems to broken.

    On Mac if you enable borders / shadows, then the text will not display at all.

    In regards to TTF / OTF fonts, I have no idea whether or not every single font file will be compatible with Visionaire Studio. My suggestion would be to just try them out. There are hundreds of decent freeware / royalty free & cc licensed fonts available on &


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