Using Lua to expand tags functionality in text box

  • #1, by YourichiganWednesday, 20. January 2016, 10:02 8 years ago
    Hello there!

    I am struggling to add some formatting options for text display in game. For example to be able to highlight some words in the text that is displayed when character talks, like changing the color of word, or using bold/italic.

    The question is can i use lua to extend the functionality of tags in Action part "Display text". As we can use
    tag or some modification of it like
    to add pause functionality, can we add like basic html tags through lua? Like
    <b> or <text=color>
    or something similiar.

    Or is there any other way to change only specific word color, not the whole text color?


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 20. January 2016, 12:26 8 years ago
    No, sorry. Unfortunately it's not currently possible to format displayed text at this time. I believe that Simon planned on looking into extending the text stuff at some point in the future though.

    I would also like to see such things as:

    • color formatting
    • bold / italic
    • transition options for displaying text (fade, typewriter, slide in, etc)

    Your only option right now would be to manually create the text as image files & then display them when the character speaks. It's a lot of work, but it could actually be worth it as you can display the text however you want (in speech bubbles maybe, or you could animate it somehow, etc).


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  • #3, by YourichiganWednesday, 20. January 2016, 13:03 8 years ago
    Ok, thanks for fast reply! Will try the option through images then... but text formatting is such a basic feature, so i will also look forward for future updates)


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  • #4, by SimonSWednesday, 20. January 2016, 13:22 8 years ago
    It's on my todo list and I already started with some features, but it will be in a script first like the shader toolkit, in the end it will be in plugin system for the editor for wysiwyg functionality. It's also highly wanted to set texts directly in the editor.

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