Turning off interactivity?

  • #1, by MikaelTuesday, 03. February 2015, 21:44 8 years ago
    Is there some way to render the game non-interactive for at certain period of time? Let’s say that you enter a room for the first time, and your character, or a voice over, says something about the room. To deliver that line at the exact same millisecond as the room is entered wouldn’t be desirable. A pause of 1-2 seconds would be to prefer. During these seconds, objects shouldn’t be clickable or interactive in any way.

    The closest thing I can find is the pause action, but it doesn’t really work since it only pauses, while the game is still interactive.

    Thanks for any help!


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  • #2, by marvelTuesday, 03. February 2015, 21:55 8 years ago
    Sure, deactivate your interface via conditions... or use the "Start Cutscene" action part.

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  • #3, by MikaelTuesday, 03. February 2015, 22:23 8 years ago
    Thank you!

    Deactivate the interface doesn't work, since it still leaves objects actived.

    However, to make a paus between "start cutscene" and "end of cutscene" took care of the whole thing brilliantly.


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