Trouble interacting with a non-player character

  • #1, by donald-smithThursday, 07. February 2019, 14:11 5 years ago
    I am lobing Visionaire so far, and have solved many of my issues thanks to the forum and youtube. However, I have an issue trying to interact with another character. Can someone please help? 
    I have managed to create interactions with objects on screen, and can have the player character comment on things when examining them, by using object boxes around doors etc, like in the tutorials. 
    When I try to do the same thing with a character - such as use the "look"command on a Non-Player Character, and have the player character make a comment, I am having trouble. 
    I tried: 
    - selecting the character in the characters tab 
    - creating a new action 
    - select ëxecute command on character" 
    - I chose my command I created, which is called "look" 
    - I then chose the action part "display text" 
    When I "look" at the character, nothing happens. 
    Do I need to create an object box around the character? Or should I be able to act directly on the character? 


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