Transition from walk-cycle to idle animation of a character

  • #1, by AkcayKaraazmakSaturday, 20. June 2015, 23:22 9 years ago
    Hi guys, any body has a clue how to play the transition animation for smooting between character's walk-cycle and idle animation? Character's walk-cycle frames are 325-350. Idle animation is between frames 0-300. And the transition between walk and idle is 301-324. Idle to walk is 351-375. I have assiged the walk anim and idle anim into character's walk and standing animation sections. And assigned the transition anim into character animations section on character's tab with the name "walk_start" and "walk_stop". ... But how I can use the walk_start and walk_stop animations before and after the character's walk-cycle?

    Without these smooth transitions, when the character stops, it immidietly jumps to idle animation and it looks bad.

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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 21. June 2015, 00:10 9 years ago
    Well the start part requires a listener (loop) & a state (variable maybe) to listen out for when character changes from standing to walking state. You'd then immediately store destination in another variable, stop the character then play the start walk animation then in last frame of that you could create an execute a script action which sets the destination to what you stored earlier. It's obviously a lot more complicated than what I've described, but you get the idea.

    As for the stopping, I'm not so sure about that. I suppose you could run a loop when character is walking to check if character is within a certain range of the target position to determine when to play the end animation. If you wanted to get clever about it then it might be an idea to store the frame index of walk into a variable then use the frame index to determine which frames of end animation should play.

    P.S: the start principle is same for how you might go about rotating character before walking.


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