Toggle condition.

  • #1, by ke4Saturday, 23. August 2014, 12:05 10 years ago

    i'm just wondering what can i do with the new toggle condition option?

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  • #2, by brut69Saturday, 23. August 2014, 13:16 10 years ago
    It sets the condition to the opposite state
    If the condition was True it will change it to False and vice versa

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  • #3, by afrlmeSaturday, 23. August 2014, 13:18 10 years ago
    haha grin

    If you have any actions where you usually just want to swap one condition value to the other or back again then you no longer need to use an if query. Say like toggling a condition to say the menu is active/inactive etc.

    if condition is true
     change condition false
     change condition true
    end if

    toggle condition
's more of a workflow thing, to save a bit of time here & there. I also wrote a lua script version of this, which is can be found via the script index page of the wiki.


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  • #4, by ke4Saturday, 23. August 2014, 13:29 10 years ago
    Ou, thanks razz

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