Tips for testing on iPad?

  • #1, by chrisgSunday, 10. May 2020, 03:42 4 years ago
    Hi all,

    I've been testing my game on Windows and a little on MacOS. I'm keen to try out the iPad export just to see what it's like. Not looking to publish anything to app store or anything yet, just to do a first test and see what works. 

    I've tried a few things but am just looking for a few pointers on the end to end process.  I was hoping someone who has gone through this process could give me a few bullet points on what is involved - so that I can see what I'm missing and what else I need to figure out?

    What I've tried:
    • I can export the .ipa file
    • I got this onto my ipad, and i see a new app just called '.app' 
    • When I try to open '.app' it says 'Unable to install ".app" please try again later'. 
    • I saw in the docs ( that "Your ipas need to be signed manually. Use something like". 
    • So I understand there is some signing process to be able to manually test an app, and I'm guessing I probably need some certificate or key from my ipad...?
    • The doco at XReSign doesn't have a lot to go on and seems to want a '.mobileprovision' file? Is this something that has a key from my iPad that i need to get?

    Thanks in advance!



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  • #2, by tudor-stamateMonday, 11. May 2020, 12:13 4 years ago
    Hi Chris,

    After building the .ipa, yes, you need to sign it. You're on the right track with the XReSign app.

    I don't remember the steps exactly, but:
    The mobile provisioning file can be downloaded from the Apple Developer website. To do this you need to login with your Apple ID (it will ask you to create an Apple Developer account if you don't have one). From your account page, there should be a Certificates and Profiles page, and from there you can generate and download it. (Note: You can only test with this profile as to publish your app you need to enroll in the Developer Program)

    Use XReSign to sign the .ipa using the downloaded profile.

    Now, in order to upload it to your device, you can follow the steps here: (a bit old, but still applies)

    Hope it works!


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  • #3, by chrisgWednesday, 13. May 2020, 05:50 4 years ago
    Thanks so much tudor-stamate, that sounds like enough info to get me started smile


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