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  • #1, by kristian_roThursday, 09. January 2020, 21:26 4 years ago
    Hi guys,
    How to I control the time a dialog part is shown on screen?
    The specifics when I ran into the issue:
    At the "dialogs" tab of an NPC
    In the field "Text of dialog part" I have the character answer "Yes"

    The "Yes" is shown only for a brif time, how to I extend the time its shown?

    have a great day!



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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 09. January 2020, 21:45 4 years ago
    You need to include ptags (pause tags) if you want to control the duration texts are displayed for.



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  • #3, by kapa-raaveFriday, 10. January 2020, 02:36 4 years ago
    You can also set speed for text output under the miscellaneous action parts.


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  • #4, by kristian_roSunday, 19. January 2020, 21:06 4 years ago
    The text flows better.


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