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  • #1, by BaardenTuesday, 22. October 2013, 09:59 11 years ago
    First of all; I don't think you guys who're involved with the Visionaire engine get enough praise nor commendation for the work you've put into this product. It has grown into this beautiful thing, providing variant, easy-to-use tools, of which adventure game developers in the past could only dream of when they were struggling with endless amounts of code on every project they took on.
    The passion you have for this thing is admirable, as you're constantly pushing the engine further and expanding your game to new platforms, and it is fantastic to watch and nothing short of phenomenal!

    BUT (uh oh, here comes the "but"-part) ...but as you're doing this, you are making these new features available only for your current user base. I can with certainty say, that I am just one of the many passionate future developers watching this thing grow from the outside, as I wouldn't dare to take on such a quest, as making a game, with nothing but a Mac computer.

    It is wonderful to see that you are making this thing grow, but I must ask you to reconsider your priorities not just for mine, but for your own sake:
    If you made the Mac engine instead of concentrating on players for new platforms, YOU would get more customers, and not just the already existing developers.
    I'm not trying to play down the importance of the latter, nor pretending to know what's best for you guys, but this is my sincere suggestion for this point of time.

    I'm trying to fish for sympathy, but I just have to say that I myself have been delaying my grand adventure for over a year now, in hope that the Mac engine would come out soon, because I've been told everytime I have asked since April of 2012 by you guys that it would be released "very soon".

    So, to make long story short (too late, idiot) I wish that we could get in the future, without having to ask, occasional updates on how the Mac release is coming along, spiced up with some preferably realistic estimations on the remaining time.

    I hope you didn't take this (frustratingly long, sheesh) opening post the wrong way as I'm just trying to think what's best for all of us wink


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