The Sheep in the Tunnel

  • #1, by ScreamTeamStudioTuesday, 12. January 2016, 06:23 8 years ago
    Hey guys and gals, we've been working on this for some time. It's a short adventure game called The Sheep in the Tunnel.

    The Sheep in the Tunnel is a point-and-click adventure game in which you take control over a shepherd who lost their sheep and follow it through abandoned caves. Soon this journey becomes more important than anything in their life than they can remember. While threatened by death you chase down your goal, your fata morgana, if it’s still a sheep or if it becomes something else it’s up to you and your decisions entirely, and discover the shepherd’s past, their mind, their world and all that revolved around them. Only you can lead them to their end, righteous or not.

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