The Programm diden't start

  • #1, by WSproduktionWednesday, 07. August 2013, 22:30 11 years ago
    I downloaded and instaled the demo program, although it can also be dan but start only once but once you get it closes and wants to restart no error message nothing comes nothing. Only when I go install that again i can use it for only once. Use Win. 7
    Hope someone can help me.


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 07. August 2013, 22:53 11 years ago
    have you tried re-downloading the installation file from the server again?

    what you are saying is that...
    after installation it lets you open up Visionaire Studio once & then whenever you open it again after that it automatically closes itself each time?

    or it crashes after first time you run the program & then won't even load at all again?

    can you have a look around in the root folder of whatever project you loaded or created to see if there are any .dmp files, if there are then you can send them to one of the VS devs (BigStans, SimonS or Alex) to see why it's crashing...


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  • #3, by BigStansThursday, 08. August 2013, 01:48 11 years ago
    Right smile

    Great Poster

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  • #4, by WSproduktionMonday, 26. August 2013, 16:25 11 years ago
    ok, thanks for the quick Answer. I think it worked now.


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