Thanks dudes.

  • #1, by DilatedSaturday, 23. August 2014, 08:56 10 years ago
    Just wanted to make a post something other than a bug issue to thank you guys for making an awesome engine and helping my dreams come true.
    (also for all the people supporting the community on the forum.)
    That is all,

    Much love,

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  • #2, by vectracocoSaturday, 23. August 2014, 11:15 10 years ago
    I share the same.
    Thanks to the whole team Visionaire for making it reality this great engine with which our dreams we can make reality.
    It is very important for people like most of us to carry out our ideas without having to write a single line of code.
    And with the potential of currently Visionaire Studio. It is amazing.
    Now I just hope to have a bit of time to start my project

    Thank you community!


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  • #3, by AlexSunday, 24. August 2014, 00:09 10 years ago
    thanks guys! much better than reading just bug reports all the time wink

    and many thanks to AFRLme for his restless forum support smile

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  • #4, by DilatedSunday, 24. August 2014, 11:43 10 years ago
    No worries man grin

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  • #5, by ikarusMonday, 25. August 2014, 09:19 10 years ago
    I join this declaration of love. Thanks for creating and improving Visionaire Studio. I'm sure it's a -not enough rewarded- tough work.


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  • #6, by SDMonoMonday, 25. August 2014, 17:51 10 years ago
    Same here... I love Visionaire!!! And hell this community fucking rocks!!!

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  • #7, by unrealTuesday, 26. August 2014, 23:53 10 years ago
    I have to say, it's pretty awesome to be able to create a point&click video-game, alone, and so easily. And not only the software is great (despite some bugs and crashes), the active community makes it even more interesting, helping us a lot !


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  • #8, by andiliddellWednesday, 27. August 2014, 13:44 10 years ago
    here here..

    I included a whole host of thanks, gratitude and praise in my email reply when I purchased the V4 final indie license, but on the off chance it went to an automated reply inbox, I'll say it here again:

    I've been so happy to have found Visionaire Studio and the great community of people and Visionaire developers who answer questions in your forums.

    For over 2 years I've been chopping and changing platform, and struggling to find a tool that works to compliment my skill set, and allow me to finally release my first adventure game to the public.

    You should be very proud of the work you and your team have done in getting this to Version 4.0 and be confident that (certainly in my mind) the pricing and licensing structure you have developed is fair for the amount of hard work and effort that you have put into it's development, and the excellent tools it provides to its users.

    I have spent the last year putting together my game in beta versions of Visionaire, right up to Beta 4.0.
    I must admit the access to this demo version has been invaluable to me and allowed me to get to the 90% completion position I find myself in today.

    Keep up the great work, thanks again for helping me to realise my dream!

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  • #9, by ke4Wednesday, 27. August 2014, 14:05 10 years ago
    I'm glad i found visionaire, awesome software and community! :-)

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