Texts section improvements that would be great

  • #1, by andiliddellWednesday, 25. February 2015, 23:04 9 years ago
    I've had to use the texts section of VS for a couple of nights in a row and have battled against a few things which I feel could be vastly improved with some very simple fixes.

    By the way I'm SO GLAD I stumbled upon the "import speech files.." tool on the extra menu.. Thankfully I'd named everything using ID's smile

    1. The filter menu is a great idea, but the texts list also needs a SORT BY ID number button. I'm not sure what determines the order of the list but it's a nightmare looking for an individual ID number in over 500 randomly sorted ones smile

    2. A filter by DIALOG texts would be great too, I've had to fish these out manually as they don't appear if I use the filter by character filter. Is this a bug? My frog character only has one line according to this filter??.. (he actually has about 16 dialog lines)

    3. Being able to copy and paste an audio clip name into the filename box would be useful, rather than having to browse for them when you realise you need a quick re-use of the same ogg for a different ID.

    4. Being able to create a default colour for each of your characters elsewhere in the editor (character tab) would be great, then the text's list could be colour coded for each character.

    5. Would be great to be able to filter out all other screen/item/mouseover text too, to leave you just characters.

    Other than these little tweaks it was fairly painless getting all of my speech files in, the dev's have done a great job here.

    In particular the text preview option, that shows you the on-screen text alongside the audio playing, is a godsend for syncing..the P tag method is great!

    Keep up the good work chaps!

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