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  • #1, by hallinniklasSunday, 08. September 2013, 12:52 11 years ago

    I think I can boil this down to two questions that are on my mind right now?

    Can I get the particles rotate? I mean the actual sprites, so that not every snowflake is bent in the exact same way. I vaguely remember having done this in Visionaire before, but now I can't find it again.

    Also, if the room is bigger than the screen and the camera moves as you walk through the room, all particle effects are stuck to the camera and moves along with it. Is there any way to work around this?



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  • #2, by SimonSTuesday, 10. September 2013, 00:26 11 years ago

    No option to rotate, sorry.

    You can attach particle systems to objects, see effects/particle system.

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