Sync container snapping (issue with music transitions)

  • #1, by nikolaj-de-haanWednesday, 19. August 2020, 21:38 3 years ago

    I'm trying to understand the music system in Visionaire using the sync container (which seems pretty awesome), but I'm having a few issues:

    1) I am not able to snap the loop or transition markers to the beats, making it very hard to create a proper transition. Is there a way to do this?

    2) When adding a tempo marker the grid does not actually match the tempo. I have a music file in 140 BPM and it does not sync up, as it can be seen on the waveform.

    Any help would really be appreciated. The Visionaire audio system actually seems more powerful than the one in Unity, so if I can get this up and running I will be very happy grin

    Thank you!


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  • #2, by SimonSWednesday, 19. August 2020, 23:07 3 years ago

    1) unfortunately not, you can check how smooth the transitions are if you seek on the bar by clicking. Normally you can't detect small imprecisions. The transitions are internally around 20ms precision, so I thought it wouldn't be the best to snap it until I figured this out with more precision.

    2) I checked again, the calculations are correct, are you sure it's 140bpm ?

    The sync track has still many building sites that are not as good as I would want, but most things are usable with some gradations.

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  • #3, by nikolaj-de-haanMonday, 24. August 2020, 18:23 3 years ago
    Hi Simon,

    Alright, that is a shame, hope you find a way to solve the delay smile I have a piece of music, where I would like  it to transition at the next bar if a condition is met. Is the best way to just to  creat a transition marker for every single bar, or is there a smarter way to do this?

    The BPM error was my mistake, sorry about that.

    Thank you


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  • #4, by nikolaj-de-haanTuesday, 25. August 2020, 14:04 3 years ago
    Just to let you know: The edit box for transition markers is not visible when zooming in, which can be problematic when adding a transition marker for every beat. Here's a screen recording smile It seems like the edit box is being offset to the left somehow


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  • #5, by nikolaj-de-haanThursday, 27. August 2020, 10:37 3 years ago
    Just had to show you how we do manual snapping to the beat until it is implemented grin


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  • #6, by afrlmeThursday, 27. August 2020, 12:33 3 years ago
    haha, that's pretty funny. ruler life hacks. grin


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