• #1, by LupaShivaFriday, 03. October 2014, 01:29 10 years ago
    Hello everyone in last years i was really active in creating point and click games with the visionaire tool, but honestly i never launched a game, why? because i think i have a problem and would like some suggestions, because i start a game, and when the game goes about 70% i decide to redraw everything, because i got that sensation that i could do better, when i redraw almost everything! here it goes again i could redraw everything again, and ive been doing this since 2 years ago, there some exemples of what i mean:

    first scenario and character i created for my game, its about a metal guy who tries to make a band.

    Secon redraw i did

    Third redraw

    fourth redraw

    and another try i started this year

    but im starting to think ill never launch the game, because i always try to remae everything to look better, any suggestion with this? or how should i manage to finihs the game?

    Thank you

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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 03. October 2014, 13:35 10 years ago
    I think your 4th attempt has the most fun graphics, although it's a bit hard to tell with the tiny thumbnails seeing as the image links are broken.

    To include an image from an external site on VS forum, you just need to link to the image & the forum software should auto parse the images into the thread.


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  • #3, by LupaShivaFriday, 03. October 2014, 13:54 10 years ago

    And now it worked?

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  • #4, by LupaShivaFriday, 03. October 2014, 13:55 10 years ago
    ops sorry i think i have to resize the images =(

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  • #5, by SDMonoFriday, 03. October 2014, 16:13 10 years ago
    I cannot even see the thumbnails. roll Repost!!! grin

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  • #6, by ke4Friday, 03. October 2014, 16:26 10 years ago
    Well i think the fourth version is really good, so i would use that. Everyone are developing, you could do that forever. So make a game and then you can do another and better.

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  • #7, by LupaShivaFriday, 03. October 2014, 18:43 10 years ago
    I already think that, launch one and then another but there's a lot of work implied, programming, scripts, dialogs, etc... So I really think the first game should be the better I can, but it will take forever =( the thumbnails don't know what happens but I'll try to repost em.

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