Starting with visionaire studio - if condition to align character

  • #1, by patrikSunday, 24. February 2019, 17:11 5 years ago
    Hi guys!

    I am started make my first game with visionaire studio. I am really a beginner and doesn't have much experience so here comes one of my problems.

    I am working on a game where you can talk with character on some kind of hologram device. My idea is to on the right click show the inventory and hologram device and when you left click on the device your character pull out this hologram - your friend show up and you can have dialogue with her. I attached the video.

    My problem is that I need some kind of if condition to align character.  In other words. When your character is align left and you click on device -> play animation "pull out device left" and when your character is align right play animation "pull out device right".
    I don't know how to make this condition work. I have never use Lua script so I guess that is going to be the way.
    Don't know if I explain it properly I hope you will understand and give me some tips how to work it out.


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  • #2, by sebastianSunday, 24. February 2019, 17:36 5 years ago
    Hey there smile

    Actually VS has an Actionpart for this. Its "If character is aligned to" where you can set degrees or a range between the characters needs to be aligned to.

    Best regards

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  • #3, by patrikSunday, 24. February 2019, 19:51 5 years ago
    Excatly what I need. Oh sorry for a totally unnecessary question. I will try to spend more time looking for actionparts the next time.

    Thank you very much!


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