Starting the game in a different scene... workflow question

  • #1, by GhostlygurustudiosSaturday, 02. May 2015, 08:45 9 years ago
    So.. lets say i want to work on a specific scene of the game.. when i save and launch instead of starting at the beginning of the game.. Since right now i have been basically going through each scene to get to the scene i am working on....

    I figured id just go to the game settings and change what the first scene is to whatever scene i am working on.. but while apparently this does in fact send me to that scene.. the main player character is missing...... whats the deal? haha


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  • #2, by afrlmeSaturday, 02. May 2015, 11:53 9 years ago
    You have to change the starting location of the character via the characters properties tab.

    You can however use the console while game is running through the editor to quickly change to another scene.

    press TAB to open up the developers console. Next type change scene then press space & it will show a list of your scenes. Use the arrow keys to select one & press enter or type it in or begin to type it in & then press enter. You will change to the scene you specified & it will automatically place your character somewhere inside of the scenes way borders that you should have create for the scene.

    Quick note: the console features an autocomplete system, so once it highlights something that you were beginning to type you can press enter to have it autofill the rest of the word. Pressing space after will open up the next autocomplete list of commands or whatever it is that are allowed to enter.

    type help for a full list of available commands.


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  • #3, by GhostlygurustudiosSunday, 03. May 2015, 03:05 9 years ago
    appreciate the help! thnx! thats pretty awesome! yay!


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