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  • #1, by priabudimanFriday, 08. August 2014, 00:03 10 years ago
    Hey all!

    Since I'm new to the community, i think i have some questions, especially in developing a game. I wonder how people get started in VS, are they using the engine to develop a game SOLO? or people actually joined force here and create something together as a team?

    Its been my dream to actually finish a game rather just constantly developing it. after years of engine hopping, learning, and researching, I'm deciding to give Visionaire a whirl, because i saw a lot of great game created using the engine, and the engine operation is quite simple.

    Anyhow, thank you! and Hello!


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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 08. August 2014, 00:17 10 years ago
    A lot of people work on their games themselves, but there are a few people on here who work in small teams as well.

    If there's something you can't do then you can always outsource the work out to someone else - whether it is free or not, is another question entirely.

    If you get stuck with anything to do with the engine/editor itself then feel free to ask for help on here. Same for lua script; if you decide to delve into it - I recommend learning at least the basics of it, if you can as it allows you to go much further than what is possible with the built in action parts, if queries, values & conditions.

    On a final note: Visionaire Studio is perfect for individuals, small teams &/or people who have no previous knowledge of programming/coding. The engine was designed with artists & visual designers in mind & it is entirely possible to create a professional game with the editor action parts alone without having to write a single line of code, but it is best to combine the action parts & lua script if you want to achieve something of a more professional calibre. The visual style & quality of the game is entirely up to you &/or your artists - the engine can only do so much... wink

    P.S: I recommend checking out the official wiki (link in menu) & the video tutorials by Suro which can be found here


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  • #3, by priabudimanFriday, 08. August 2014, 00:35 10 years ago
    Amazing info! thank you so much!

    One more thing, is it possible to compile a game demo for community showcase using the free version of VS?


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