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  • #1, by sushitommyFriday, 09. August 2013, 17:05 11 years ago
    Hi there,

    in the demogame, the character starts in the middle of the scene ('Start Scenery').
    Is this always determined by the 'Start-Position' scene object, or is there an action somewhere that places the character at the object 'Starting-Position'?




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  • #2, by NigecFriday, 09. August 2013, 17:17 11 years ago
    In scene properties there an option "Alignment of character to object", click the button near the X symbol and you can set were the character stands, you just create an item like 'Starting-Position' or use an actual object in the scene
    Also in the character options you need to set the "standing at" option to whatever your start point is

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  • #3, by afrlmeFriday, 09. August 2013, 17:25 11 years ago
    the initial start position is determined in the characters properties tab.
    you can assign start position as any scene object. same goes for changing/teleporting character to a new scene or new position on the same scene.

    *edit: I see you beat me to the punch eh Nige mate grin


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