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  • #1, by MateuszSaturday, 03. February 2018, 16:23 6 years ago
    1/ Is there a way to create a button that would allow player to switch image filtering method (mini&magnification filter+pixel effect)  to his/hers liking? I develop my game in 1080p but happen to own a 4K monitor. Since 4K = exactly 4x 1080p, nearest neighbor + pixel effects looks awesome, resulting in sharp, properly rescaled image (vs blurry and "soft" results of bilinear).

    Unfortunetelly, when lower resolutios come to play, aforementioned combo creates a really shi... bad image.

    2/Is there a way to embedd a "clickable" website link into action linked to vionaire scene objects (my start menu "buttons" are created following example from vis demogame, so they are really just scene images not actual interface buttons)?  


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  • #2, by sebastianSunday, 04. February 2018, 18:47 6 years ago
    Hey there,

    1/ there are fields in the data structure for mini&magnification filter, but there are not scriptable = the effect is not stored in the save files -which may is not neccessary because you may want to overide it from your config.ini file anyway. But in my test it didnt have effect when setting it ingame. Maybe the scene needs to be reloaded, too to take effect.
    Nevertheless i fount no field to set the pixel effect of your game with lua. So this would be not working like wanted.

    2/ im not sure if i understand it correctly. Yes you can use buttons or objects in your game to run a lua code which opens a website of your choice in the default web browser:

    Hope this helps smile


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  • #3, by MateuszSunday, 04. February 2018, 22:19 6 years ago
    1/ Pity... Well, Im' sticking with bilinear then, definitely more universal.
    2/Exacly what I wanted, thank you! smile


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  • #4, by MateuszFriday, 09. February 2018, 08:51 6 years ago
    3/ Some doubts about autosaves and how they work/what do they affect

    Plot of my game is full of forks and heavily dependant on player choices. During one playthrought player sees ~ 60% of content, as some choices excludes certain scenes.
    I'm including an achievement system. While most of them will be obtainable during one playthrough, I wanted to include one or two for 100% completion.

    - I'm relying solely on autosave system
    -Starting new game effectively erases/overwrites previous (if any existed) savefile
    - My start menu is scene, not menu (I honestly have no clue what menus can be used for)

    -my question - if I use start menu scene as a "holder" for values&conditions connected to achievements will starting new game and overwritting existing autosave "erase" any already unlocked achievements?

    Lets say that "start menu" is scene01 (one linked in main game settings under <first scene>wink and start button (scene object) consists of actions :
    - switch to scene 'scene 02'
    - call action 'tutorial' (nested on 'scene 02')
    - execute autosave



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  • #5, by afrlmeFriday, 09. February 2018, 15:51 6 years ago
    If you are talking about 100% completion as in a steam achievement then I believe you can query achievements/steam stats for your game with Lua script. You could check if x achievement + x achivement... is true then unlock 100% achievement. Or you could +1 a steam stat whenever an achievement is unlocked.

    Once a steam achievement is unlocked a player can't unlock it again. You as the developer can force steam achievement wipe though with a line of code.


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