Sprite cache size related to crashes?

  • #1, by nick-lMonday, 16. November, 19:38 A week ago
    It would be nice if someone could explain the Sprite cache size and what the optimal size would be. I know the default setting is for 40mb but is this the optimal?

    Is there a reason for not setting a very high value instead? My game very often crashes on my mac (it's much more stable on windows) Is there a chance that this has to do with the cache size? (my machine has 16gb of ram) 

    I tried 300mb but as a value but it still crashes. In different scenes of different complexity in animations or particles. I checked the activity monitor but I didn't see something extreme. The game is using up to 900mb of RAM. 

    Also I do not use any sort of custom scripts.

    Any suggestions?


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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 16. November, 19:59 A week ago
    Are you preloading animations? If the answer is yes, are you manually unloading them later on when you no longer need them? Preloaded animations stay in the cache until you manually unload them. The issue is likely not the RAM, but the VRAM - that's what is being used the most in terms of your graphics/animations, once you go past the available VRAM it will start eating into the RAM & will eventually start causing your game to lag.

    Then again, it could be a mac issue. Does it generate a dmp file when it crashes & if so, have you sent it off to Simon? He will be able to tell you exactly why it is crashing. If I remember correctly the generated dmp file would be in the same folder that stores the save game files for your game.


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  • #3, by nick-lMonday, 16. November, 20:27 A week ago
    Thanks for once more.

    No I do not preload any animation. I am starting to believe that is most probably the particles that are causing this. I have a specific scene with 3 particle emitters that although I have set a low max particles number for they may cause the crashing.

    I leave the scene to play without any interaction and crashes after a few minutes. I removed one of the emiters and it I hadn't crashed at all for a much longer time.

    Any suggestions for using particles? Also what would you suggest as an ideal size for the Sprite cache size(even if it doesn't cause the crash)


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