Spiraling staircase and character scaling

  • #1, by korpseSaturday, 29. October 2016, 23:47 8 years ago

    Today's problem is a spiraling staircase. We have a scene of a downwards spiraling staircase. I'm having wee bit of a trouble of scaling a character properly, as she's moving down the stairs. The scene is shot from above (see the picture), but I'm having no luck with scaling the character by using waypoints. The size of the character changes randomly, as every waypoint scales the character to certain size. So, is it possible to scale the character correctly, as she descends down the stairs, or do we need to design the scene (literally) from another perspective?


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  • #2, by marvelSunday, 30. October 2016, 02:11 8 years ago
    probably you need a couple of waysystems for that wink

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  • #3, by afrlmeSunday, 30. October 2016, 03:13 8 years ago
    You could probably use Lua script & a loop to check if the character is inside of a specific set of coordinates to be able to force the character scale.

    Way System scaling is best done on the y-axis only. It tends to get a bit messy when you start adding scaling values to multiple way points in your way system.

    Or as Thomas said, you could probably get away with using multiple way systems. One per level & have it change to the relevant way system when the character steps into an action area you assign for each flight of stairs. Messy, but should work I think.


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