• #1, by the-grandmasterThursday, 29. August 2013, 22:48 11 years ago
    Wenn ich jetzt meinen Spieler animiren möchte steht im TUT das jedes Bild einzelt auswählen soll.
    Kann ich auch eine AVI oder so als laufen nach rechts zuweisen?


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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 29. August 2013, 23:48 11 years ago
    all animations are done frame by frame with png files; well at least until 2.5D support (3D characters) & spriter animation file support is added to Visionaire Studio.

    you can not use video files or flash files for animation...
    you can however use 3D or 2D animation programs to create the animations & then export the frames as png files to be used in Visionaire Studio.

    P.S: the spriter thing is not set in stone, just something David has thought about adding support for.

    P.P.S: I'm not sure if I answered correctly; the translation bing gave me was a bit confusing.


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  • #3, by BigStansFriday, 30. August 2013, 00:05 11 years ago
    Animationssequenzen gehen. Alles andere wäre ja grausam.
    Die Dateien müssen den selben namen mit einer fortlaufenden zahl dahinter haben.

    @ AFRLme ;P Next team meeting smile

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  • #4, by raym18Friday, 30. August 2013, 07:42 11 years ago
    Hello grandmaster
    just a comment
    on iClone you can create your animations and and exported on png
    hope it helps



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