Spiel speichern / Save Game (Screenshot, Format)

  • #1, by ChrissWednesday, 04. December 2013, 00:11 11 years ago

    Ich spiele grade mit den Speicher- und Ladefunktionen der Engine und frage mich ob’s ’ne Möglichkeit gibt die Einträge im Menü irgendwie anzupassen. Speziell die Screenshots, Farbe (ich hätte gerne schwarz/weiße Shots) und ist es möglich nicht den ganzen Screen sondern spezielle Ausschnitte zu nutzen bzw. unterschiedlich große Speicherbildchen zu generieren. - Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir folgen! smile Irgendwelche Ideen? Ansätze?

    Aloha again!

    I’m playing around with the save game menu and asking myself, is there any way to customize the automatically taken screenshot? Speaking of size, crop and colors! I’d like to make different styles and was wondering what’s possible without making an own scripted way to save the game. Any hints?


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 04. December 2013, 01:30 11 years ago
    it takes a screenshot of whatever is currently displayed on the scene of your playable character, borders & all. you can draw the save boxes at the size you want I think....

    at the minute you can't add an overlay image above the save game images as the images seem to set to always display at top. I spoke to David about this a while ago & he said it should be an easy thing to sort out. Will ask him about it again at some point. the colors & everything else, no, but you could add an overlay above it to act as a sort of filter I suppose but not until the issue I just mentioned is resolved.


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  • #3, by ChrissWednesday, 04. December 2013, 01:45 11 years ago
    Okay, thanks so far! :-) I’ll just wait for a solution of the overlay problem and try to figure out a way to filter the colors.


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