Speech text jumping up and down?

  • #1, by fulviovSaturday, 18. November 2017, 17:39 6 years ago
    I am experiencing a problem with the latest release of Visionaire: the head of my character animates up and down when he speaks, and this affects the text making it jump up and down as well.

    I did not have this problem with previous versions of visionaire (I believe I started to see it with the 5.0 final release)

    Is anyone else having this?

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  • #2, by MachtnixTuesday, 21. November 2017, 19:59 6 years ago
    Only the head? So I guess you use seperate speaking animation layers only for the head and don't touch the body? Maybe you have lost the zero points of these animation frames. No idea how. Check all frames whether your head frames are on the right place.
    I have no idea... wink Sounds very funny.

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