Sounds sometimes dont work

  • #1, by brut69Thursday, 18. July 2013, 00:17 11 years ago
    I noticed that a few sounds (mostly the ones I edited) for some reason do not play in the Visionaire player editor (and of course neither in the game). I can select the file , but when I press Play next to it , it acts like there is nothing there.

    I thought it was the way I was editing and saving the .mp3's but then I noticed that the files that it was refusing to play where Mostly the ones I edited , but not all of them.

    Is there a standard that we must have for the .mp3's to be fully compatible with the editor?

    I tried editing the Sample Rates 44khz to 48khz , the Bit Rates 96-128-160 kbps , and changing from Stereo to Mono and vice Versa and still nothing.

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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 18. July 2013, 00:56 11 years ago
    .ogg (vorbis) is the recommended format to use for VS but for .mp3 the best settings are:

    44.1khz @ 320kb/s (stereo/mono doesn't matter so much)

    the issue could be with whatever codec you are doing the conversion with...
    I recommend using Audacity with the LAME codec.

    I had same issue a lot with mp3's but sometimes with other file formats, in the current release, that is...
    not noticed any issues in the latest dev builds really apart from footstep sounds randomly didn't play every so often.


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  • #3, by BigStansThursday, 18. July 2013, 01:43 11 years ago

    audiere (our sound library with Visionaire 3.7.1) does have issues with the id3 tags. oO
    I know, that mp3 files, which have an id3v2 tag are not playing.
    We recommended to use ogg vorbis instead. not sure, which format's we can support in the next version, because we are going cross platform. Ogg vorbis was currently the only format which can be player everywhere.

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