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  • #1, by sebastianSunday, 25. June 2017, 01:47 7 years ago
    Aye there,

    I discovered some points in the engine since a while where i dont know exactly what they mean. Maybe you guys can help me out here, Some questions can maybe only answered by the VS team:

    - Sometimes my character wount move to a destination point. When i open the debug mode via TAB ingame i can see the way system and also sometimes a white blinking "X" at the point where i clicked (sometimes outside wayborder) but the character doesnt move to its (nearest) point. What does that "X" mean?

    - Sometimes my character doesn't walk at all to a point -even if it is directly besides him without any barrier. Its a normal left click I do. No double click or long button holding.
    Any ideas how i can solve/troubleshoot this? 

    - When i create my character walk animation with the help of the "set character movement for walk animation" tool (the shoes symbol) it seems that the "walking speed" parameter for the outfit gets ignored. Is this correct? I guess its normal because you overwrite it with the character positioning in that tool. But who knows...

    - Also as a feature request: Inside this "shoe tool" you set the position for each frame by defining it with a little square on a line. Wouldn't it be nicer to see ALSO a transparent version of your sprite frame fixed to that square, so that you can actually see the difference before placing it? Or does it collide with the onion-effect tool?

    - All Texts are set as "unnamed" in the texts workspace. Is this intended or a bug? Never worked really with the texts workspace so i cant tell...

    - Im just curious: will the engine recognize it if i create a new skin folder "3" and put it inside the app? Or does it only toggle between dark and light? 

    - The lua script workspace has also the big cog icon for the editor preferences (font/colors). Do you need a new smaller icon for this? right now it gets used for dark and light theme and is not visible in "light".

    - Do i get the audiosystem in RC1 right that it allows multiple music tracks played in a scene (and also make it possible to add some effects?). Im a bit lost with the "mixer" and "random" objects... Lets see when a doc arraives smile (also on the light theme i cant see shit in the new audio workspace -> pls fix)

    yeah...i guess that was all =)


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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 25. June 2017, 03:02 7 years ago
    Too much to read over & too late to read it all right now... grin

    The character walk movement thing is best used when you disable sliding walk option in the characters properties tab as it uses the movement value to update the position of the character on each frame change as opposed to sliding x pixels/movement (I don't understand the movement value as it's overly complicated - would have been simpler to specify move x or y pixels & then use the character scale percentage to calculate movement based on values you used).

    I use the onion tool. Best method is to create an additional animation frame & insert the initial animation image into the frame (you will delete this frame later on), then you enable onion tool & set the onion tool 1 frame ahead of currently selected frame, then click on the footstep icon to enable the number input box. Click on that, then use keyboard arrow keys to increase/decrease movement value until contact foot in each frame are more or less aligned. Do the same thing for each frame. After you've finished, delete the additional frame you created - you only need this to get the movement right, so that it seamlessly moves back to the initial animation frame when it loops.


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  • #3, by SimonSMonday, 26. June 2017, 00:07 7 years ago
    X marks the spot, the X shows you there was no way to the point.

    If you use the tool for walkcycle it will harcode the speed, because you arranged it there.

    Texts are currently all unnamed, that's correct.

    The engine doesn't recognize a new skin folder.

    The cog was implemented without any farther plans, so it's not perfect, as many edges are not perfect.

    The audiosystem allows many things, random sounds, changing mixes, it will also get expanded.

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  • #4, by sebastianMonday, 26. June 2017, 00:39 7 years ago
    thanks for the response smile

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