So you want to build an iOS App

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    Some FAQs and notes I have picked up from discussions over the last few months.
    Please correct or add if appropriate:

    What Visionaire license do I need?
    For non-profit games you only need an Indie Individual User license.
    For commercial games you will need a Mobile license.
    Check for more details.

    Do I need an Apple Developer account?
    Not to test the game, but for distributing it through the App Store you will.
    It currently costs $99.
    Check for more details.

    Do I need a special version of Visionaire?
    Nope! When you build the game just choose the iOS option.
    This will generate an XCode project that you can test and build with on a Mac.
    Check for more details.

    Do I need specific builds for iPads vs. iPhones?
    No they both use the same iOS port out of Visionaire Studio.

    What do I need to run Xcode?
    Xcode is a mobile development suite created by Apple, so you’ll need a Mac.
    Using the latest version of Xcode is recommended.
    You can Google to find the recommended system requirements for running it.

    How do I test my iOS app using Xcode?
    Visionaire Studio generates an Xcode project when building for iOS (net.sf.visionaire-studio.VisionairePlayer.xcodeproj). So open that file up in Xcode.
    Unfortunately the Visionaire. port currently doesn’t work with the simulator functionality in Xcode, so you will need an actually physical device for testing. For example, you’ll have to plug your iPad into your computer to build on it.

    I want to make sure my game works on different versions of iOS and different devices, but I don’t own them. How can I test?
    There are online services such as that are reasonably priced that allow for remotely testing on physical devices.

    I seem to need an Apple Developer Account to sign my app when I build with Xcode - is that correct?
    You need an apple account, but it doesn’t have to a Developer Account unless you are publishing to the App Store.

    I’m a noob with Xcode - how do I use it?
    You can google for simple tutorials. Just focus on learning how to build the app and don’t worry about the more complicated features until they are actually needed.

    Small hint - you’ll want to create multiple sized versions of your game logo that will appear as the app icon when you build to a device. Copy these image files to the AppIcon.appiconset folder before building so the icon will show up when you build.

    Are there known issues with the iOS port?
    As of release 5.1.5 1215 ( the no sound issue has been fixed.
    There have been memory leak issues reported.

    I find that when building on Xcode I need to add the Storekit.framework (NOT StorekitTest.framework) under Build Phases -> Link Binary with Libraries, in order for the app to build.

    How do I publish to the App Store?
    I’m not there yet but will update when I am smile


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