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  • #1, by MateuszThursday, 06. October 2016, 21:13 7 years ago
    Dunno if it was mentioned - I would absolutely love to see a fully implemented drag and drop functionality in Vis. Ability to select a multiple images in my image browser and just drag and drop them onto animation timeline. Or drag and drop png image directly onto scene window and so on.

    I would also kill for an ability of creating drag&drop-able snippets of actions inside the vis. Lets say I have an object with action sequence defined. Right now I can only copy paste it. Wouldn't it be cool if we were able to drag it onto "snippets" palette/tab/whatever it would be called and when in need for it just drag it back to new object?

    While I would welcome both features with open arms, they can wait as there is one improvement that should be implemented ASAP. Stability. Guys, unhandled exceptions are absolutely not funny. For most of time I'm I'm working on my game I'm having an impression that I'm working with some kind of pre-alpha build of software. Yesterday I spend one and half hour trying to import a 7 (with words - seven) frames long animations inside a Vis. While I love functionality of the Vis it is also, in all honesty - the most unstable commercial software I ever saw in my life. Dethroning first release of Octane Renderer for Daz3D - and it says something.


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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 11. October 2016, 12:54 7 years ago
    Most stability issues are caused by wxWidgets framework. A custom GUI is being developed for the upcoming next release & wxWidgets will no longer be used as it's severely limiting & each update the devs behind it put out seems to fix one or two existing bugs while generating a boatload of new ones in their place.

    As far as I'm aware, the upcoming new editor should be a lot more workflow efficient. Not sure on drag & drop capabilities, but it's something I would like to see. Simply dragging an image or group of images into the viewport wouldn't really work that well as you still need to assign images / animations to scene objects, characters, interface buttons, etc.

    But aye being able to drag & drop images or a group of images into the image window or into the animation window of the currently selected object or animation would be nice. By the way, you can already import a group of animation frames into an animation at the same time by making sure you name all relevant frames with the same name plus an index number on the end - something along the lines of name_1 or name_01 or name_(1). So you would end up with something like...

    test_(1) dot png
    test_(2) dot png
    test_(3) dot png

    Then you can load in an entire animation with the load frame sequence icon (it's the one with the stacked image & little green plus icon).


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