Smooth Scroll and Camera zoom with parallax too

  • #1, by TinTinMonday, 26. December 2016, 18:13 7 years ago

    Sorry but I couldn't find in search bar for this features :

    Smooth scroll x pan and y pan and Camera zoom both with parallax too .

    Thnaks for any help

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  • #2, by sebastianMonday, 26. December 2016, 20:14 7 years ago
    smooth zoom has to be done with the shader toolkit and has some parts described in the wiki. However i never accomplished  it to get it working the way i wanted and discontinued the shaders for now.

    In the next version of VS it seems that it will be possible to  have smooth scrolling built-in

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  • #3, by TinTinTuesday, 27. December 2016, 07:08 7 years ago
    Thanks for reply sebastian

    I find it as Simon wrote this code 2 years ago. It's OK but not perfect(ease out doesn't work sometimes and I don't want mouse pan control too)

    I'm wonder does  'shader toolkit' compatible with mobile ports?

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