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  • #1, by blablo_101Tuesday, 01. January 2019, 19:05 5 years ago
    Happy New Year everybody smile

    Is there any way to slide the dialog interface?


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 02. January 2019, 11:43 5 years ago
    You can create a sliding interface for the dialog system with the same method as you would create a sliding inventory interface. Just create the background image/bounding box as a separate interface & slide that - however, you can't slide the dialog options themselves, but I believe it's possible with a bit of Lua trickery to slide/position the interface dynamically so that it's size is relevant to the amount of options currently displayed. I believe Sebastian attempted that a while back - at least I think it was Sebastian, so maybe he'll have a better answer for you.


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  • #3, by sebastianThursday, 03. January 2019, 09:37 5 years ago
    @afrlme i did the sliding for my custom dislogue system which based on an interface.

    Not sure if its possible but the dialogoptions box coordinates are inside the character table. You could edit the positions via lua but i guess these will not get updated after the dialog box is shown. 

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