Skipping the 'how to' section on the second time you play...

  • #1, by lefooshFriday, 25. October 2013, 12:00 11 years ago
    Hi All, sorry to re-post but I think the question got a little lost at the foot of a previous conversation:

    I want it so that if anyone has played the game before then they will skip the 'how-to' intro part and go straight into the game.

    Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!



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  • #2, by denis-Friday, 25. October 2013, 13:46 11 years ago
    if you try to set an incremental value in how to play screen (set value initial to 0) set the condition val=val+1
    so every time you press the how to play button it increase the value.
    set condition if value is equal to "0" (zero) show the instruction screen else if value > 0 show the game screen
    it's a method that i sue in my game all 4 a cola for a warehouse room...


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  • #3, by afrlmeSaturday, 26. October 2013, 04:37 11 years ago
    simplest method is to wrap the bit that changes to x screen or shows the intro images or however they work in an if query...

    if any saves exist then do something else show how to instructions...

    it's generally a nice idea to have your game perform a quicksave whenever a new scene (playable scene) is opened & also just before opening the menu while playing the game, which can be used for a resume game option which allows player to resume from that scene/point. also it means a save file will exist as soon as player begins a new game anyway.

    it's just a nice & quick method for determining if game has already been launched before or not.


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  • #4, by lefooshMonday, 28. October 2013, 17:03 11 years ago
    Hey Both,

    Thanks again, I'll definitely put this into practice and see how I get on!

    For the demo I'm not putting saves in purely due to the fact its just not that long but when I get into the full game I will certainly be adding that feature in so will be pestering you again I'm sure! wink

    As mentioned in the other post, please let me know the name under which you would like to be remembered in my credits / hall of heroes!




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