Skipping cutscenes / animations bug

  • #1, by ke4Thursday, 15. June 2017, 11:41 7 years ago

    i've found an issue. If you have something inside of a cutscene block and you skip it by escape it won't run all actions.
    Example: There's an animation of character lighting up a room. Actions inside of frames won't run.
    It's the same for skipping animation by left-clicking.

    In my game i have it that escape opens a menu.
    Related bug is that if i disable the interaction during animations and press escape during the animation it opens the menu. That's good that's what would i want but it breaks the game and no interaction works. Clicking on stuff in menu doesn't do anything.

    This is a problem, the only workaround would be to hide cursor and diasable skipping completely.
    I'm using RC0 build.

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  • #2, by sebastianThursday, 15. June 2017, 16:12 7 years ago
    Im not sure if this is really a bug or "works as designed". This behaviour was also present in 4.x and i guess also in previous version since ever...

    The problem here as far as i understand it: When skipping cutscenes all pauses in actions, and nearly all what takes time get set to 0, so it all happens at once. By that also all animations get skipped and this results in no frames being shown/frame actions being played. 
    It would be great if this would be the case but as mentioned im not sure if we are asking here for a bugfix or a new feature razz

    Nevertheless: Simon... get it done :*

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  • #3, by ke4Thursday, 15. June 2017, 16:18 7 years ago
    Well could be designed that way though i see it as a quite big issue as it breaks the game grin I need the actions inside of the frames to run.

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