Simplest way to display a "pop-up" image

  • #1, by Pringle9984Saturday, 15. February 2014, 13:18 11 years ago
    So maybe I've missed something obvious or maybe the way I'm doing it really is the best way.

    I have object 'Mail' which when interacted with displays some text to the effect of "Oh look I have a letter" and then I would like it to show the letter (a 640x840 png) on screen. I know I can do this through an interface (I've done something similar for my inventory), the interact action will display an interface with a letter image and then I can hide it when I'm done with it.

    This works fine and I've set the 'letter' interface to 'Miscellaneous' but obviously future letters or things I want to show in this fashion will need to be separate classes (I am aware of how to make extra classes via the explorer). Is there a way to show/hide a specific interface rather than an entire class? It seems a bit cumbersome and redundant to create a unique interface class for every letter or object I may want to show close up.

    Or is there a better way to do this, effectively a Show/Hide Image command that I've missed?


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  • #2, by afrlmeSaturday, 15. February 2014, 13:56 11 years ago
    you could just use a single interface containing multiple images & use conditions to determine which one should be displayed when you display or fade in the interface.

    I'm not sure why there isn't a simpler method for creating new interfaces. It would make more sense to me to just create interfaces & call them rather than assigning them to classes; seeing as the classes don't actually mean anything - I can just as easily set my control interface to inventory class or inventory to main or secondary etc...


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  • #3, by Pringle9984Saturday, 15. February 2014, 14:26 11 years ago
    Yeah I have just been playing around setting the image and then showing the interface.

    The system *works* but it's a cumbersome, even more so when I haven't done any work on this for a few weeks, for each thing I have to create an interface class, create a new interface assigned to that class, then make sure to go and tick that interface in the character properties, then add an appropriate hide command to the Start action.

    I've worked through it a couple of times now though so I know what I'm doing for my own purposes going forward - but I think the Interface classes are redundant.


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  • #4, by NigecSaturday, 15. February 2014, 15:02 11 years ago
    It doesn't really matter what engine you uses there's always genetic features that are difficult to manipulate, there's always "something" that will make it clumsy to use

    If I can offer any advice is not to get to hung up on it and move forward, Eureka moments often happen further down the line when you gain experience and you'll always find easier and better ways to do almost everything in game development.
    I spent a scary amount of time swapping game engines and there's no such thing as an ideal one, the only ideal engine is the one you do yourself for your game kinda thing wink

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  • #5, by Pringle9984Saturday, 15. February 2014, 16:26 11 years ago
    Yeah I understand, and doing it this way is fine now that I have my head around it - I just thought I'd call on the wisdom of others to make I hadn't missed something obvious smile.


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