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  • #1, by MikaelFriday, 30. January 2015, 00:50 7 years ago
    After having worked with the Wintermute engine for several years, I'm currently thinking about trying Visionaire.

    There is one thing I have to make sure sure first: I'm making first person games, with almost 2,000 separate scenes in them. Will Visionaire be able to handle this large amount of scenes without problems?

    There are two reasons why I'm asking this: Some other engines out there has limitations on this (not Wintermute though). Also, as I understand it, you can't organise your scenes in folders in Visionaire, which means that I will end up with a very long list of scenes. The latter is not really a problem in itself, but might be an indication that Visionaire aren't suitable for games like mine.

    Thanks in advance!


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  • #2, by SimonSFriday, 30. January 2015, 00:58 7 years ago
    Visionaire is very memory efficent. There's practically no limit for anything there. But if you want to have more then 10 scenes you need the full version.

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  • #3, by MikaelFriday, 30. January 2015, 20:03 7 years ago
    Thanks Simon!


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